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Table Mountain

This majestic mountain stands proudly overlooking the beautiful city of Cape Town. Table Mountain is surrounded by two different oceans and is home to a diverse kingdom of fauna and flora.

Robben Island

Famed for being the island that Mandela was imprisoned on, Robben Island has become a very popular tourist destination for those interested in the country’s former and very popular president.

Kirstenbosch Gardens

Kirstenbosch Gardens offer a variety of indigenous flora, housed in a beautiful botanical garden, based at the foot of Table Mountain. Kirstenbosch Gardens host many evening concerts and is the perfect place for a picnic upon the rolling green hills.

Artscape Theatre

The artscape theatre is home to many local and international independent performing companies and is nestled between Table Mountain and Table Bay.

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Baxter Theatre

The Baxter theatre is based close to one of Cape Town’s top Universities and is home to many shows where local and international stars are able to showcase their talents.

Cape Town Events Calendar

For an updated list of what to do in Cape Town, look no further! This site keeps you in the know about all cultural and sporting events happening in Cape Town.

South African Weather Service

For a fast, efficient and up to date service, look no further than this online weather forecast site. Perfect for deciding whether to go to the beach or to a movie.

Cape Nature Conservation

The Cape Nature Conservation is an organization set up to conserve the natural environment in the Cape. Cape Nature Conservation encourages the community to get involved in preserving natural wonders. Cape Nature Conservation plays an important role within the tourist industry as they ensure that the beauty of the Cape remains in tact.


Since its humble beginnings the Waterfront has grown in size and stature to become one of the leading tourist destinations in Cape Town. The Waterfront is home to many elegant restaurants and shops. Aside from the entertainment, visitors are treated to the most awe -inspiring views of Table mountain. The Waterfront also has many luxury apartments and world-class hotels. Do not miss out on the Waterfront experience!

Theatre on the Bay

Theatre on the Bay is perfect for a night out on the town as it is home to many of the best local shows in South Africa. The splendid Act I theatre café is open for dinner before and after each performance, offering a diverse menu and a delightful setting. Treat yourself.

Two Oceans Aquarium

Cape Towns first-class aquarium is a truly unique experience and offers a glimpse of the treasures that lie beneath our ocean. Situated at the Waterfront, it is easily accessible and worth a visit. It is perfect for children as it offers education, practical experience and an activity centre.